2022 intuitive daily stitching templates

This is the template that I used for my 2022 stitch journal (please see my blog for more information about the stitch journal, stitchinglife.uk).

This is EXACTLY THE SAME as the template in my online shop. Please don't purchase it twice.

This is an 11-page A4-size PDF containing three templates for months of various lengths (28 days, 30 days, and 31 days), plus 8 pages of photos and brief notes suggesting some ways you could use some basic hand embroidery stitches to fill the daily sections. The monthly blocks are presented in a grid formation but of course you can adapt or amend the templates in whatever way you wish.

Please note, I do not explain in this document how to work the stitches - if you are an absolute beginner and need to know how to do running stitch or couching, you will first need to refer to one of the many embroidery books or online videos and tutorials that talk you through getting started. You might also consider signing up for my online course here on Teachable, Intuitive Daily Stitching.

The PDF is designed to be printed on A4 or letter size paper. Please ensure that your printer is set to 'fill page' or 'print at actual size'.

2022 Intuitive Daily Stitching templates

These templates provide the structural framework to create something similar to my daily stitching practice in 2022, pictured.

You can lay out the templates in any configuration you wish, by either sitting them side by side, or lengthways, or in a 3 x 4 block formation.

Mine was stitched on a long piece of vintage linen cut from a bed sheet, and rolls up on a large wooden bobbin.

2022 Intuitive Daily Stitching templates