Intuitive Daily Stitching

This course is particularly suitable for you if you're new to creative or intuitive hand stitching.

Hand stitching is quiet, calming, and relaxing.
Unwind with some simple stitches and create a unique stitch sampler, without any need for drawing or design. Stitch intuitively, making it up as you go, working some simple stitches with threads in a range of colours and textures.

I'll show you how to choose suitable fabrics to stitch on, what types of needles you'll need, and some of the different kinds of embroidery thread you can use.

I'll show you how to work some very easy, but effective, stitches that you can combine to create a beautiful piece of textile art.

If you think this is for you, sign up to join me for a gentle voyage of discovery through some mindful hand stitching.

Choosing fabrics, needles and threads

In the first section of this course I'll show you how to choose suitable fabrics for this kind of work, and I'll show you the kinds of needles and threads that I use most often.

Meet the stitches

In the second section of this course I show you some simple but versatile stitches that can be developed and combined. As you learn to work and adapt the types of stitch, you will be able to develop your own variations to create a unique sampler of your own.

Mindful stitching

In the final section I'll talk about some of the ways to approach mindful stitching, and how you can begin this daily meditative practice.

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A little bit about me: I'm a mixed media and textile artist living in the UK, and I've enjoyed hand-stitching, hand-quilting, and embroidery for most of my life.

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